Dog Adoption Form

Humane Society of Freeborn County

Fill out the online application below,

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P.O. Box 423
Albert Lea, MN 56007


Dog Adoption Form

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  • time_date
  • If you do not provide your phone number, your application will be discarded.

Reference 1

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Additional Information

  • If renting, you will need to provide a copy of your lease or co-op bylaws to the humane society representative before adoption.
  • If you live in a condo or co-op, our your house is part of a homeowner’s association, prior to adoption, you will need to provide a copy of the bylaws, rules and regulations of such association stating that there are no restrictions regarding owning a cat. If there is a limit on the number of pets you are allowed, please note the limit on the copy of the bylaws.
  • If you currently own a pet or have owned a pet in the last 10 years, your vet’s name is required to process your application. If you cannot supply a vet reference, please give the reason why.
  • List all plans for this dog

  • Where will the dog spend the day?

  • Where will the dog spend the night?

  • The Humane Society of Freeborn County does ask for an adoption fee in order to help us cover expenses incurred.

    All of the above information I have given is true and complete. Should an unneutered or unspayed dog be placed with me, I agree to have it neutered or spayed by such date agreed upon by me and the Humane Society representative. At that time, I will forward evidence to the Humane Society of Freeborn County that such procedure has been completed.

    This dog will reside in my home as a pet.
    I will provide it with adequate food, water, shelter, training, affection and medical care.
    I understand that the Humane Society of Freeborn County is not responsible for the accuracy of information received about the habits, temperament or physical condition of dogs available for adoption.
    I understand that it is my responsibility to evaluate the dog for myself before agreeing to adopt it.
    I am in full agreement with these terms of adoption. The Humane Society of Freeborn County shall not be liable for, and is hereby relieved from, all liability for any damage, expenses, causes of action, fines, suits, demands, judgments or claims of any nature whatsoever arising from or by reason of any damage to property or injury to any persons caused in whole or in part by the dog placed in your home.
    I hereby accept and assume such liability and agree to protect, indemnify and hold the Humane Society of Freeborn County harmless from and against all of the aforesaid.

    Submitting this form constitutes your permission for us to check references.

  • Please remember that millions of dogs are killed every year in shelters because they are not wanted. Please be sure that you are willing to have this dog as a pet for many years to come before adopting it.

    Also, many of these poor souls are sent to research labs to have horrible tests done on them when shelters cannot keep them so if you ever need to find a new home for this companion animal, please return them to us and not take them to a shelter.